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Name:   wix - Email Member
Subject:   Socialist IDIOTS
Date:   7/20/2019 6:22:12 PM

I have requested several times for one of you to give us a clear, concise socialist definition of the term "racist".  You all use the term with extreme abandon and have used it numerous time to describe me.  Your beloved "Squad" loves the word so I know you use it with great zeal.  What does it mean to you.......

Name:   GoneFishin - Email Member
Subject:   RACIST WIX
Date:   7/20/2019 6:32:19 PM



Name:   Carlson - Email Member
Subject:   Anyone who disagrees from the four horsewomen
Date:   7/20/2019 7:12:54 PM

are racists.  Pretty simple, don’t you think?  We are all racists, sexists, etc.  


Name:   wix - Email Member
Date:   7/20/2019 8:12:17 PM (updated 7/20/2019 8:13:05 PM)

OK, Goof-COMMIE, you’ve called me a “racist” for the 87th time on the forum.  Now tell us what you mean.....come on!

Name:   johndoe - Email Member
Subject:   [Message deleted by author]
Date:   7/20/2019 11:18:49 PM (updated 7/20/2019 11:19:09 PM)

Name:   Old Diver - Email Member
Subject:   A Racist is...
Date:   7/21/2019 9:08:37 AM

A racist is any conservative winning an argument with a liberal! 

Name:   Carlson - Email Member
Subject:   A Racist is...
Date:   7/21/2019 10:26:21 AM

Name:   Talullahhound - Email Member
Subject:   A Racist is...
Date:   7/21/2019 3:37:09 PM

It must be the word of the year.  If someone doesn't agree with a liberal agenda - then you must be a "racist".  It's just one of those things that is flung at a person to make them feel guilty and for the finger pointer to feel superior.  It no longr has any effect on me.  

Name:   MartiniMan - Email Member
Subject:   Socialist IDIOTS
Date:   7/22/2019 11:17:50 AM

First of all, you repeated yourself in the title.  Anyone that is a socialist is by definition an idiot.  They believe in a failed ideology that has never worked and will never work.....unless your goal is the mass extermination of your fellow citizens, equal economic which case you picked the right ideology....but you are still an idiot.

As for racism, this is the label that is applied when you have no serious argument or have lost some debate.  You must be a racist if you disagree with a person of color that is a liberal.  It does not apply if you disagree with a person of color that is a that case they have already failed their own race by not being on the Democrat party plantation so anything you say about them is a-ok and not racism.  I think engaging left wing nuts on this issue is a complete waste of time.  They have no facts, logic or reason on their side so they resort to calling names and trying to silence anyone that disagrees with them.  It is the argument of the weak minded and the ideologically failed.  You should never argue with a socialist idiot, they will bring you down to their level and then beat you with experience, or worse yet, at some point you won't be able to differentiate yourself from them.

So ignore those that call you a racist.....they are beyond intelligent discourse.  They have nothing of substance to add.  They are literally not worth your effort.

Name:   Subrosa - Email Member
Subject:   A Racist is...
Date:   7/23/2019 6:59:47 PM

I think you hit the nail squarely on the head.

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