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Name:   Shortbus - Email Member
Subject:   Infestation
Date:   7/29/2019 7:24:06 AM (updated 7/29/2019 7:56:06 AM)


Name:   johndoe - Email Member
Subject:   Infestation
Date:   7/29/2019 8:55:48 AM (updated 7/29/2019 8:56:59 AM)

People who post links to infowars, breitbart, and the like are accomplishing nothing other than to out themselves as white supremacists.

No photo description available.

Name:   wix - Email Member
Date:   7/29/2019 10:07:12 AM

So.....if we make any statement about a dimokrap controlled city, it is “racist”.  Even though the majority of the population is light skinned, the whole city is to be considered dark skinned.  Since the word association automatically applies to all residents, such a statement would seem to apply equally to the democrat (dimokrap) a negative statement about Joey Biden is RACIST.  Got it!!  Just wanted to be sure I understand.



Name:   flyfisher - Email Member
Subject:   Infestation
Date:   7/29/2019 12:13:53 PM (updated 7/29/2019 12:16:42 PM)

hey JD: i recently was in Sacramento ( I assume you know this is the capital of Calif.) for a trial; my hotel was 10 blocks from the Capital;, before going to hotel, i asked to be driven by the capital--Lyft driver siad sorry, its too dangerous; and i guess you missed the Bernie clip say visiting areas of  Baltimore was like a 3rd world country ???##$$???--oh i forgot--thats ok for a dem socialist to say

Name:   Buteye - Email Member
Subject:   Infestation
Date:   7/29/2019 12:21:30 PM

A pleasant change to have a President that tells it like it is. Why don't you tell us your description of what is "good" about these cities? All the encampments of "homeless" people in California is doing nothing but tearing the state apart. California doctors are warning that Bubonic Plague could hit Los Angeles after recent "typhus" outbreaks. Some are saying that the plague is "lkiely" already present in Los Angeles. Bubonic plague which became known as "Black Death" killed off millions in the 14th century. One doctor who trears the "homeless" in Angeles county says it is becoming just like a "Third World" environment where their human feces contaminate the areas where they are eating and sleeping. Do you deny that Democrat "leadership"is what has "allowed" these conditions to develop and in many cases is out of "control". I don't know where you live but do you want these "conditions" to take over your city? "SHAMEFUL" to say the least.

Name:   Shortbus - Email Member
Subject:   Infested
Date:   7/31/2019 11:33:36 AM (updated 7/31/2019 11:52:23 AM)


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