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Name:   GoneFishin - Email Member
Subject:   I Am So Happy
Date:   8/2/2019 2:31:34 PM

Looks like I will be able to purchase my TDS medicine from Canada at a considerable savings after Trump signs off. Isn't single payer insurance great...the Canadian government negotiates lower drug prices and now we will take advantage of it. The Right is just a bunch of hypocrites but I'll take the savings.

Name:   wix - Email Member
Date:   8/2/2019 2:51:26 PM

TDS drug of choice, COCAINE, doesn’t come from Canada....

Name:   QuietMan - Email Member
Date:   8/2/2019 8:08:39 PM

another useful substantive post. You really are a waste of ink. Crawl away, please. 

Name:   wix - Email Member
Subject:   SO CUTE!!!!..........Qu...... Man?
Date:   8/2/2019 10:28:21 PM

Name:   CRD - Email Member
Subject:   I Am So Happy
Date:   8/3/2019 6:29:24 AM

Canada has 1/9th the population of US.  Their healthcare system negotiates drug prices for their citizens much like US third party carriers negotiate drug prices for their customers through the manufacturer and wholesaler.  The particular healthcare model, whether it is single payor or  third party private or combo really has little to do with actual pricing.  Manufacturers have to recover their CONSIDERABLE R and D investment somehow in order to generate profit and continue to bring new products to market.  We, as the greatest economic engine on earth, can pay higher prices for medications and therefore are contributing to profit and ongoing R&D.  This benefits the world at large.  

Democrats, I thought, think that we are causing the demise of Earth as we know it via XS CO2 emissions, and want to control my footprint in order to benefit the whole of humankind.  Yet OTOH, Libs yell and scream at the Trump administration and Big Pharma for drug pricing here that essentially creates most of the profit these companies need to generate for development and testing of medications that benefit the whole of humankind.  Yes, a downside to living in a prosperous country is that we have to pay higher drug prices, but just think how all of mankind benefits from our economic success via greater profit and R&D for companies like Merck, Johnson and Johnson etc. 

Going to Canada for meds is OK for individual purchases, but I am against it as national policy.  My contribution to the health and welfare of populations less fortunate is paying higher prices for meds, and if Libs were all that concerned about the health and welfare of those same people, which they say they are, would advocate for the same.  I am holding my breath..... 

Name:   MartiniMan - Email Member
Subject:   This is trolling
Date:   8/5/2019 8:50:25 AM

When you stalk another poster and call them the same name over and over regardless of what they post you are trolling.  Please try to grow up.

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