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Name:   GoneFishin - Email Member
Subject:   FOR WIX
Date:   8/25/2019 11:09:46 PM (updated 8/25/2019 11:38:32 PM)

You are confusing negative posts and personal attacks. There will always be negative posts. You have posted negative about the left since your first post in 2009. So has MM and Phil. The issue is personal attacks on others simply because of your disagreement over an opinion.

Your comment is a perfect example…“You absolutely epitomize what intelligent people know as a stupid a$$ dimokrap.”

That is in response to what you viewed as a negative comment. It is a personal attack. That is what really has no place on the Forum. You are too intelligent to actually say that someone in conversation.

ANOTHER EXAMPLE...“OK, I’ll make a deal with you liberal dimokraps.  You start posting nothing but positive attitude posts about everything and everyone, and I’ll respond in like manner.  You might notice that I respond in like manner to all’s just that you NEVER post anything positive.  GOT IT.  Same goes for all posters.  You’ll find that my only negative posts are made to liberal idiots making stupid posts....and that will continue until ya’ll clean up your act.”

You confuse negative posts with personal attack. You are stating you will respond to negative posts in like manner. No, you respond with a personal attack on the poster. Why not simply argue the post that you disagree with rather than accuse the poster of being an ass?

Name:   wix - Email Member
Subject:   Oh, GOOFY-GEE
Date:   8/26/2019 9:48:19 AM

Your comment that I misinterpreted the meaning of “personal attack”, and thought that meant any negative post is totally wrong.  My recent post stating that if a liberal poster (you know who you are) makes a negative post they can expect the same from me is very clear. Some posters consider any response to their post other than praise and total agreement is a personal attack, which is not the case.  

As an example, you seem to love to post obviously personal attacks on Trump....most of which are lies.  You (and others) like to make personal attacks on Trump; therefore, you should be prepared for a similar response.  Trump will not be reading your post and if it is allowed to stand without correction, some less intelligent reader may be swayed to believe your lie.  I (and others) will not allow that to stand.  Sorry.

Your predictable response to info above will be for us to refute your post with verified proof.  BS!  When you personally attack Trump, or others, with a lie or personal hatred, you can expect a response from me.  The desire of liberal idiot dimokraps is to sway weak minded people to hate the current administration.  Ain’t gonna happen here.....

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