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Name:   smb - Email Member
Subject:   Fried Rice
Date:   9/7/2019 9:14:48 AM

Han Li was a young Chinese man who immigrated to our country as a teenager. Though Han had studied English in school for a number of years, he, like many Chinese, had difficulty pronouncing certain letters. Notably, words with the letter ‘R’ would sound as though they were spelled with an ‘L’ when spoken by Han Li.

When Han first came to this country, he found a job as a waiter in a Chinese restaurant. All went well, and he enjoyed his job most of the time. There was, however, a particular customer named Fred who really annoyed him. Fred was a regular who ordered Fried Rice every time he came to the restaurant. What annoyed Han Li was the fact that this particular guy always tended to make fun of Han Li’s pronunciation. When asked what he would like to order, it was always “Flied Lice”…and it was always said with a snicker and a side-ways glance at his dinner partners. Han Li knew he was being made the butt of Fred’s attempt at humor, and he didn’t like it.

After several months of this embarrassment, Han decided he would do something about it. He hired a diction coach and worked diligently to be able to correctly pronounce the words “Fried Rice.” After he had mastered it, Han eagerly looked forward to seeing his nemesis at the restaurant. One Friday evening, the fellow and his usual party of six showed up for dinner.  Han Li knew what was coming, and he was ready to surprise Fred with the correct diction he had worked so hard to perfect.  When Fred said he would like “Flied Lice” with his usual smirk, Han Li stiffened up, looked Fred straight in the eye, and said, “IT’S FRIED RICE, YOU PLICK!!”

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