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Name:   Carlson - Email Member
Subject:   9/11, where were you?
Date:   9/10/2019 12:53:54 PM

18 years ago during the thing that some people did, I was driving from Birmingham to Montgomery for a meeting which proceeded not really knowing the massive destruction done.  

Dumbfounded is the best description of my feelings for days, weeks and months to follow.  

Where were you?

Name:   phil - Email Member
Subject:   9/11, where were you?
Date:   9/10/2019 1:45:00 PM (updated 9/10/2019 1:46:38 PM)

Taking my wife to the hospital for ultrasound of my youngest son with a month or so left to bake.   Turned on the news between the 1st and 2nd plane and at that point it was not decided if it was accidental or not yet according to the reports.  Watched the 2nd plane hit live which pretty much ruled out accident - right before walking out the door and was glued to the radio the rest of the trip.

Name:   Talullahhound - Email Member
Subject:   9/11, where were you?
Date:   9/10/2019 4:03:56 PM

I was working in the DC area.  Sitting in my office with a couple of people, when a colleague came by and said a plane crashed into the WTC.  We all thought commuter plane accident.  A little bit later, same colleague said a second plane flew into the 2nd tower and we knew it was no accident.  Then the fun started - rumors that the Pentagon was hit (it was, and a colleague's brother died there) and the State Department was hit (it wasn't).  No one seemed to know what to do.  We got ordered to evacuate - all of DC at the same time in fact- so what might have been a 30-45 minute ride turned into two hours.  Got home and was glued to the TV.  That night, it seemed like anyone who knew that I had worked in the Pentagon called to check on me (by that time I had left the Pentagon and was working in Alexandria VA).  People that I knew that still worked in the building said that when the plane hit, the only indication was that the building seemed to quiver and sigh.  The Secretary of Defense declared we were open for business the next day.  They blocked off the area of the building which made it tricky to get to some offices and the building reaked of jet fuel.  Paper masks were issued, but most people didn't wear them.  We had many meetings about soft targets and what would be the procedure if something that happened again.  Told people to store some of their medication, and extra pair of glasses, some snacks and a blanket in their desk, in case we were put on lockdown  

But people came together in unity.  We were Americans first and foremost and we had been attacked.  Eventually a memorial was built at the Pentagon and there is a memorial quilt that hangs to remember those that lost their lives that day  It should be said that a lot of military people were heros that day - despite being injured and scared themselves, for many their training just kicked in and they saved others.  


Name:   MrHodja - Email Member
Subject:   9/11, where were you?
Date:   9/10/2019 7:01:05 PM

At my office in Montgomery. Walking across the parking lot another building tenant asked if I knew theWTC had been hit by an airplane. Went to an adjoining office that had a tv and watched as the second plane hit, then as the towers collapsed. Gut wrenching experience. 

Name:   blmeanie - Email Member
Subject:   9/11, where were you?
Date:   9/10/2019 9:51:53 PM

at work in a 4 story office building just south of Atlanta, it was 2 weeks before we were due to move into a 26 story highrise in Atlanta.  When word came down that the WTC had been hit by a plane we convened in an executives office that had a tv and watched as plane 2 hit, and when the plane went down in PA, everyone was told to go home, get kids from daycare etc.  Nobody knew what was going on for sure.  Terrible day but I agree with Hound that the country came together like I don't believe I will ever see in my lifetime again.

Name:   Old Diver - Email Member
Subject:   9/11, where were you?
Date:   9/11/2019 12:10:56 AM

When the first hit I thought it could possibly be an accident. I remember the B-25 hitting the Empire State Building. Then I saw the second hit and I knew it had hit the fan!

   There were 2 F-16 on alert and unarmed at Langley AFB. With no time to arm they scrambled anyway looking for flight 93. A Col. was leading and a female Capt. flying the other. The Col. said, "I'll take the nose. You take the tail." They were ready to ram Flight 93 rather than let them kill more Americans! And they say we don't have any more heros?

  Fortunately the passengert took 93 down.  God bless them!

Name:   joey3485 - Email Member
Subject:   9/11, where were you?
Date:   9/11/2019 2:53:43 AM

I was working at Caterpillar in LaGrange Ga. The only news we got was from people calling employees and telling them what was happening. The company installed 4 tv's in the breakroom the next morning so we could keep up with the news.

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