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Name:   phil - Email Member
Subject:   Impeachment
Date:   10/4/2019 8:10:34 AM (updated 10/4/2019 8:12:59 AM)

So I am glad that with the latest impeachment push over Ukraine that the liberals on this site have now decided that the Steele Dossier / Mueller was an impeachable offense and that Oblamer, Hillary and the DNC should have been removed from office and as Mad Maxine has stated should have been locked away in solitary.


Politicans in washington and the DNC paid money through a lawfirm to fusion GPS to pay Steele(a UK spy)to dig up foreign dirt to damage Trump in the 2016 election and weaponized the DOJ/IC to do it.


I see no difference in that Trump has his lawyer looking into the 2016 election, and if what Oblamer/Hillary/DNC did in 2016 and any affects on the 2020 election are apparently legal and above board by the Steele/Mueller - then why is the same tactics no longer legal and grounds for impeachment?


So pot/kettle  Goose/gander Coonman/Ivy Steele Dossier-Mueller/Ukraine.


I can already smell the answers... but its different, because is Trump, Russia Russia Russia and election meddling. 

If our liberal posters were honest it might be different.

Name:   Talullahhound - Email Member
Subject:   Impeachment
Date:   10/4/2019 11:34:20 AM

My thing is this:  What good does it do this country to be raking over cold ashes?  They all just need to let 2016 go, then need to stop the Kangaroo Court and get on with the business of our country.  This is what they were elected to do, legislate, not investigate.  People need to start flooding their offices with objection to this farce.  And Trump needs to shut up and get on with his agenda.  If he would stop feeding the media, there wouldn't be a story.  

Name:   phil - Email Member
Subject:   Impeachment
Date:   10/4/2019 12:23:40 PM (updated 10/4/2019 12:24:56 PM)

I disagree.  While Trump may play a good game of poke the bear, the bear is already hungry, angry and insane - Poking the bear only focuses its attention on a target, but it is not going to stop the bear from being a bear and wanting to eat you or make it any less angry.


You can not reason with the bear, the only way to avoid the bear is to stay out of the woods (not run for office), you can feed the bear and you can play nice, but he will probably just maul you out of boredom.


And there is  a reason to rake those cold ashes - to stop this crap from ever happening again to any president D or R.








Name:   Talullahhound - Email Member
Subject:   Impeachment
Date:   10/4/2019 7:47:04 PM

It's not going to stop.  That train left the station long ago.  You may or many not be right about the bear analogy.  I agree with one thing that the Obama's said "when they go low, we go high".  Trump is a little too happy in the gutter.  

Name:   Subrosa - Email Member
Subject:   Impeachment
Date:   10/5/2019 3:06:29 PM

If you see Trump in a fight with a bear, help the bear!

Name:   weagle74 - Email Member
Subject:   Impeachment
Date:   10/7/2019 12:24:21 PM

Hey, Hound. You've referred to the "they go low, we go high" phrase a couple of times. I agree with you that the words sound wonderful. Think I remember Michelle parroting that phrase as well. But I don't remember their ever executing that policy. However, Obama was also attributed with the mob boss like statement, "they bring a knife, we bring a gun." Both statements just hollow words.

Name:   phil - Email Member
Subject:   Impeachment
Date:   10/7/2019 12:39:34 PM (updated 10/7/2019 12:40:15 PM)

Yeah - I am not sure I have ever seen a politician go "high" except maybe Clinton when he was smoking his mary jane when he did not inhale.

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