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Name:   Carlson - Email Member
Subject:   War Mongers unite!
Date:   10/22/2019 7:42:11 PM

You (US) can't leave the Middle East!  All of the warmongers are coming out of the woodwork that Trump can't leave Syria because we need to protect oil fields that could used by Iran and path to Humas for weapons.  Russia is teaming with our great NATO partner, Turkey, to crave up parts of the Syrian border, hun?  Ibid, idib, ibid!  

well guess the rest of the world will have to step up cause we are gone!  Adios suckers!  

Name:   architect - Email Member
Subject:   You've had some weird posts Carlson
Date:   10/22/2019 8:39:49 PM (updated 10/22/2019 8:43:24 PM)

but this one is also sad and sick.  I'm sure glad Trump wasn't in office in the 60's ...the Russians would be in Berlin, or 1941...The Germans would be in London and Paris, the Japanese in Sidney and Singapore and the Jws would be a distant memory!!  Of course that wouldn't bother you, why should we be concerned about those far off places and all those ''Jews''!

Name:   Talullahhound - Email Member
Subject:   War Mongers unite!
Date:   10/22/2019 9:51:26 PM

I don't know that it is war mongering.  If you were living and eating with Kurdish troops every day and you were a senior leader meeting with them over a period of years, people get to know each other and form friendships - in fact, we hope that they will do so, because it keeps them in line with US democratic ideals.  So it really isn't so unusual for the to be upset, if they feel like their friends are in danger.  It's not a good reason for us to stay their and continue to put our troops in harm's way, but it is understandable.  Generals and Colonels love to pontificate, and with that they want to speak out. It's a different world from when the military saluted smartly and drove on.  It used to be to speak out, was the end of a career.  Wars give the military a chance to do what they train to do

Name:   Carlson - Email Member
Subject:   archie, so you compare Syria with ww1 and 2?
Date:   10/23/2019 2:15:24 PM

I wasn't around in those days but I assure you the endless wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria are costing trillions and for no purpose.  

whether you hate Trump or not, or Bush or Obama, these wars are nonsense, costly and are pushed by the warmongers among us.  So Archie bash away at those of us who say it's got to end!  We won't give up until it stops.

your TDS is driving you nuts!

Name:   Lifer - Email Member
Subject:   hey Carlson
Date:   10/23/2019 2:55:40 PM

That was a very very short drive!

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