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Name:   GoneFishin - Email Member
Subject:   Why Tariffs Are Helping The USA
Date:   10/25/2019 10:36:13 PM

Pesident Trump, thanks you for the increased tarrifs that China pays us when they sell their exports to the USA. This past fiscal year the revenue from tariffs totaled $60 million that China paid us. I must admit as you are a stable genius the way you explain that I do not pay for the increase tariffs when I buy an item shipped from China. I am pleased that the deficit was only $984 billion for the fiscal year that ended October 1. With your brilliant mind you were able to keep the deficit under $1 trillion by using the revenue from the tariffs paid for by China.

Using your brilliant logic, increase the tariffs paid for by China to $1 trillion and balance the budget.

Name:   wix - Email Member
Subject:   POOR goof-IDIOT
Date:   10/26/2019 5:22:48 PM

Makes stupid posts and everyone ignores him.....come on goof, ya gotta post intelligently!!!

Name:   Old Diver - Email Member
Subject:   Reason?
Date:   10/27/2019 10:38:19 AM


  It is futile to reason with those who can not reason. 

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