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Name:   MartiniMan - Email Member
Subject:   The end of women winning in women's sports
Date:   10/28/2019 3:05:45 PM

This falls into the category of completely predictable unintended consequences of liberal insanity.  I predict that unless something dramatic happens, in the next decade there will be no biological women successfully competing in women's sports.  Men pretending to be women will dominate and women will be on the outside looking in.  I suppose on a positive note there may finally be "women" competing successfully in men's sports although said "women" will actually be men pretending to be women.   Interestingly though, most of the men pretending to be women, while dominating the women's sport, would not actually be very competitive against men.  Women's weightlifiting, cycling, track and field and so on will soon be dominated by men.....who think they are women.....but are still trapped in a man's body.  Heck, my wife plays in a golf league with one of these guys and he/she/it is pretty hard to beat from the ladies tees.

And this is one of many reasons I see liberalism as a mental disorder.  They are simply incapable of seeing the logical negative outcome of what they believe because it's never about what really's all about them feeling good about themselves and their best of intentions.

Name:   Carlson - Email Member
Subject:   The world has gone nuts but
Date:   10/28/2019 7:22:46 PM

The end result will be an unintended consequence as you described.  Sad but predictable result and they don't care.  It's about dismantling of the establishment.  It's about breaking things and remaking reality.  

so a male identifying as a female will have to compete against males.  Feminism should speak out.  Let's see how this plays out.  DNA doesn't lie.  

Name:   GoneFishin - Email Member
Subject:   Hey MartiniWo man
Date:   10/28/2019 8:40:42 PM

Reading between the lines, one might conclude that you have figured out how to finally win at golf. We won't tell anyone...

Name:   MartiniMan - Email Member
Subject:   Hah!
Date:   10/29/2019 8:14:57 AM

Wish that were true but sadly I've played with enough excellent women golfers that I know even if I hit from the red tees they would still beat me.  A man has to know his limitations and the last thing I need is to pretend to be a woman and still lose......

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