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Name:   architect - Email Member
Subject:   MM just so you know, meet ''quid pro quo''
Date:   11/2/2019 10:24:45 PM (updated 11/2/2019 10:36:04 PM)

Lt Col Vindman (decorated never trumper military hero!!) testified that EU Amb Sondland told him that Ukraine President Zelenskyy's long sought meeting with Trump was conditioned on Ukraine announcing an investigation into the Bidens and Trump and Giuliani's conspiracy theory on the origins of the Russia investigation.     Latin translation...''Quid pro quo''

Lt Col Vindman testifies he was on the line when Trump's ''phone call'' was made to Zelenskyy and that in not released sections after Zelenskyy had said ''we need a favor'' that the investigation of the Bidens was specifically mentioned by Trump.  the Lt Col requested that those comments be included in the ''transcript'' but was refused.  He says he was surprised that the full transcript was then placed under the most top secret seal available.    Latin translation ''quid pro quo'' 

Ukraine Envoy Taylor testifies he was informed by Amb Sondland that he (Sondland) had informed a top assistant to Zelenskyy that military aid was dependant on Ukraine announcing the opening of investigations into matters of interest to Trump.   Latin translation...''quid pro quo''

Amb Sondland's attorney told the WSJ that there was a quid pro quo for release of allocated funds to Ukraine.    Translation...''quid pro quo''

Sen Ron Johnson (R WI) said in an enterview that Sondland told him the same thing.    Latin translation...''quid pro quo''

Sen Johnson told the Milwaukee Journal that President Trump himself told him in a telrphone conversation that release of funds to Ukraine was dependant on actions by Ukraine.   Latin translation...''quid pro quo''

Mick Mulvaney stated in answer to a reporter's question that military aid was withheld unless Ukraine investigated the Russia Probe conspiracy and stated further that ''elections have consequencies'', ''get used to it'' and that it was done ''all the time''.  He later tried to ''un-ring the bell'' but, as with all such attempts, failed.   Latin translation....quid pro quo''

And last but not least: In the half azzed ''transcript'' of the infamous phone  the very next words immediately after President Zelenskyy said Ukraine was ready for a new shipment of anti-tank weapons one Donald J. Trump himself said ''we need a favor from you though.''   Latin translation....''QUID PRO QUO''

There are more but anybody with an IQ in double digits gets the point.


MM, you and your fellow Trump Personalty Cultist on this forum and in the congress insist on excusing the illegal acts (they are in fact illegal quid pro quo or no) of the president because there was no ''quid pro quo''!  Well, any reasonable human being that understands the Queen's English and is aware of the above statements who is still making that excuse needs to think long and hard about which they love more... America and, constitution and, for that matter, the soul of the Republican party or Donald J. Trump.

Name:   CRD - Email Member
Subject:   MM just so you know, meet ''quid pro quo''
Date:   11/3/2019 7:40:24 AM

What did Vindman, Taylor and Sondland say on cross examination?  Oh, yeah I forgot......

You still Archie have not explained the Quo part of this if Ukraine did not know the assistance was being held up at the time of the call.  

The US/Ukraine Treaty on Mutual Legal Assistance on Criminal Matters, negotiated by Clinton and ratified by Senate, gives Trump the ability to request that Ukraine assist our AG in investigating possible criminal activity from 2014-2016.  Or do you say otherwise?

Talk about a Quid Pro Quo, guess who the largest donor to the Clinton Foundation during Shillary's term as SOS was?  None other than Ukraine.  WSJ 2015 report.  Things that make you say hmmmmmm.


Name:   Carlson - Email Member
Subject:   'quid pro quo'' TDS
Date:   11/3/2019 11:27:45 AM

I told him I leave in six hours if you want the money you fire that prosecutor.  And son of a biscuit he was fired, haha.  

Name:   architect - Email Member
Subject:   Keep whistling CRD, keep on whistling.
Date:   11/3/2019 10:48:35 PM

It's all coming down!!

Name:   Lifer - Email Member
Subject:   First time you've ever been correct
Date:   11/4/2019 5:29:21 AM

It most certainly is all coming down, just not on Trump.

Name:   MartiniMan - Email Member
Subject:   Surely you jest Archie
Date:   11/4/2019 9:24:56 AM

Two people on the call with an axe to grind said one thing and the other 25 and the transcript said another.  I'll go with the other 25 and the transcript.  But here's a question for you Archie, is it illegal to threaten funding like this if it benefits a politician politically?

Name:   MartiniMan - Email Member
Subject:   Why do you keep doing this to yourself?
Date:   11/4/2019 9:58:49 AM

Archie, a very simple logic tool is to differentiate between facts and opinions.  What you have cited are opinions........most, if not all at odds with the facts.  We know what the transcript says.  We know what far more people also on the call said never happened (your cherished quid pro quo).  We know what Zelensky quid pro quo.  We know the speciifics of the timing of the Ukranian funding and when they learned it may be delayed....long after the call and no quid pro quo.  We know all these facts and we've heard the opinions of a few with an axe to grind.  Archie, millions of deluded people think there was a quid pro quo, including you and Goofy.  Heck, millions of people still think Trump colluded with the Russians.  Millions of people think Hilllary won in 2016.  All opinions at odds with the actual facts and reality, all wrong and all immaterial to the truth.  Opinions are like a$$holes Archie.....everyone has one.  But facts are stubborn things.

So vote to impeach him and send it to the Senate for a trial.  I can't wait to hear them cross examine the lweft wing nut partisan hack weaselblower.  I can't wait to see all the communications between Schiff, Taylor and Vindman and the coordination between them.  I can't wait to see how the American people react to the Democrat led House impeaching a President for a hoax in the last year of his first term while accomplishing literally nothing else.  I can't wait to see how right leaning independents view all these phony coup attempts.  I can't wait to see how blacks and Hispanics, with record low unemployment start to consider whether to vote for a socialist and keep America great.

I've said it from the beginning......impeach him, send it to the Senate for an acquital, let Trump take all these phony coup attempts into 2020 and see how they stack up against a socialist cadidate on your side.  As Al Green said, we have to impeach otherwise he'll be reelected.  You should be afraid Archie......very afraid.  And what is the most amusing to me is that like 2016 if Democrats could only find a reasonable candidate to run against Trump they could likely win given the relentlessly negative media coverage.

Name:   MartiniMan - Email Member
Subject:   Just to clarify
Date:   11/4/2019 12:13:00 PM

I meant to say "vote for a Socialist or keep America great.....I apologize for the mistyping.  I am sure that was one that the left wing nuts heartily agreed to even though it would be mutually exclusive.

Name:   architect - Email Member
Subject:   Well, well, well
Date:   11/5/2019 11:20:35 AM

ALL the complete transcripts from the testimonies including the "cross examination" are being released.  We shall soon see who eats crow...get your knife and fork ready all you Trump Personalty Cultists!!

Name:   MartiniMan - Email Member
Subject:   All?????
Date:   11/5/2019 11:55:33 AM (updated 11/5/2019 12:42:17 PM)

I don't think so.  Selected transcripts are selectively being released and none of them were even on the call.  Why not release them all right now?  In fact, why do them in secret in the first place?  Why not let Republicans ask whatever questions they want to ask? Let Republicans call witnesses and subpeona documents, including emails and text messages.  Let it all come out into the open......why the secrecy?

Let's see them all with the conflicting accounts and I am suggesting that nothing will change.  You will see the worst in them and the rest of us will see the truth that nothing untoward has happened.  Demand that they vote Archie.  You are 100% convinced so let's let a little sunshine into the process and let the chips fall where they may.  Let's learn all about the weaselblower and our beloved decorated war hero who probably sleeps in his uniform these days.  Let's have Schiff and his staff testify under oath about their coordination with the leakers.  Let's look at all the evidence related to Biden and the corruption.  Let's see what Clapper, Comey, Brennan, et al were really up to leading up to and after Trump's election.  Let's take all this into 2020 and see if the American people prefer a socialist over Trump.  What are you afraid of?

Archie, you are setting yourself up for yet another letdown that started in 2016 when Trump beat Hillary, continued with the Russia collusion hoax and now this.  You really do like losing don't you?  Kind of sad and pathetic but when you suffer from a mental illness that's what you get.

By the way, still waiting on answers to my simple questions and the case law on information = value.  

Name:   CRD - Email Member
Subject:   Well, well, well
Date:   11/6/2019 10:41:36 AM

Cross examination????  Really?  I guess the "full transcripts" will include the questions that the minority asked,  but the "witnesses" were instructed not to answer by order of Schiff.  If you trust your leaks Archie, I can certainly trust mine. 

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