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Name:   Lifer - Email Member
Subject:   Hey archy -- Trigger Warning
Date:   11/8/2019 1:40:12 PM

The slueths are on your tail these days.  You accidently dropped a clue as to your identity lately.  so in their spare time they are doing a little sluething.  You will be outed in the future.  You might want to pull a trick from the democrat play book and get out in front of it and start to tell us about yourself.  If you don't the slueths will start to put up their version of who/what you are.  

This is not a threat but a warning.  You've seen how they have managed to track others and get all kinds of personal identifying info into the forum domain.  All the old timers know how I enjoy outing idiots so I assure you if the info makes into my hands it will be posted. I don't play nice archy.  I really enjoy watching CRD and MM take you down with reasoned, rationale and logical arguments.  They are both very eloquent and well spoken and state their cases well.  I don't know why they waste their time and energy.

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