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Name:   HOTROD - Email Member Reply
Subject:   the goats are scared
Date:   4/6/2006 8:18:09 AM   IP ADDRESS:

i do not nor have i ever owned a houseboat or big boat. i do have a 22 foot runabout that goes over 60 mph. i chose it for its classic look, beefy construction, and hull that was designed to ride smoothly in "choppy water"

i have an older friend from Mountain Brook who has a summer home on Lake Mitchell. He has three teenage children.
His children never want to go to their house and would rather come to lake martin and sleep on the floor at my house.

Why? because they like the atmosphere at lake martin. they like to go to the rock and see the action. They also always enjoyed eating at the various resturants on the lake, particular anchor bay, because they could see friends and make new ones who spent weekends on the houseboats there.

They did not like lake mitchel because "there were no big boats or houseboats there"

These kids are right. I never saw a houseboat or big boat on Mitchell. All you see is a bunch of hicks and rednecks in walmart john boats chewing tobaco and spittin in the lake while they run their trot lines and baskets filled with stink cheese.

I guess all of the big boats will go to mitchell now and we will get all of the rejects from "Deliverance" running trot lines and stink cheese on our lake. Those "real men" have the goats on goat island scared.

i for one would be glad to put up with some big wakes to be able to dance with and oogle hot babes dancing on big boats in their thongs and get invited to a box lunch at the Y on a house boat. its a lot more fun than watching those "goat rapers" from mitchel.

sigmund was right. it aint about money or greed. its all about sex.

Name:   Osms - Email Member Reply
Subject:   the goats are scared
Date:   4/6/2006 8:32:53 AM   IP ADDRESS:

and you wonder why teenagers like ' the Rock?

Name:   kabalist - Email Member Reply
Subject:   the goats are scared
Date:   7/27/2017 9:36:55 PM   IP ADDRESS:

Wow, at least we don't keep dumping goats (and donkeys, really folks?) on an island to fend for themselves.


Have a PETA pill and chillout.



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