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Name:   NautiMinded - Email Member
Subject:   Kudos and Thank You
Date:   6/2/2008 9:53:37 AM

Name:   NautiMinded - Email Member
Subject:   Kudos and Thank You
Date:   6/2/2008 10:13:13 AM

To Steve (CAT), Kenny, Mike, Herbie, and Dane at Cathouse Performance Marine.
The "mighty" Regal got sick over the weekend. Mr Nauti tried for ours, in vain to fix her ailment. However, he could not figure out what possibly was wrong. Frustrated and desperate to save our water time for the weekend, we towed the boat to Cathouse early Sunday morning. Steve immediately made room for our boat, stopped what he was doing and he and the gang went to work on the boat. After 2 hours of frustration, sweating and probably some swearing, they found and fixed the problem. We had an operable boat and the day was saved.
Most of you know that we have been friends with Steve and the gang since moving here. We hesitated bringing the boat to him, since it was a Sunday and this is a day of boating and relaxation for them. We felt guilty for asking them to take their personal time to help us out. But, they did not hesitate, sacrificed their play time and saved our day. Where else can you find that kind of friendship and professionalism these days?
Mr Nauti and I highly recommend Cathouse to all of you! Not only can they fix you boat, but the "weenie dog" welcome committee is pretty fun!
So, Steve, Herbie, Dane, Mike, Kenny......There will be a cold case of Miller Lite waiting for you in Destin this weekend!

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