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Name:   Allatoona Bass - Email Member
Subject:   Lake Allatoona Jan Week 2
Date:   1/18/2009 7:29:44 AM

Water Temp 44
Water Clarity Clear to Stained
Water Level 4.58 low

Water temps have dropped like 7 degrees over night from 51 to 44 and even with that the fishing was still pretty good today. It was definitely toasty as it was 8 degrees this morning and it warmed up real nice to a balmy 28 degrees LOL. I got out with Chris today and as always we had a great time. Man it was nice not seeing another boat the entire day. Trust me it was there loss today as the fishing was great and we even stayed until almost 4pm before putting the boat on the trailer.

At our first stop Chris almost had a limit by himself in less than an hour. He whacked 3 fish right off the bat and lost 2 others all on the Float N Fly off pea gravel rocks and one of them was very nice. I made some changes and bam I caught one and lost a pretty darn good fish right at the boat. Dang Ice in my guides prevented my drag from working smoothly. Yeah thats my excuse :). LOL. The key for us was fishing peagravel banks that were facing the sun. Looks like the fish were taking advantage of the heat bouncing off the rocks.

We crank up to go to another spot and Chris wanted me to run over an area to check for some spoon fish and it was loaded. The first fish I got was a whale striper in the 8 to 10lb range. I got several more stripes/hybrids and Chris got a few as well all on spoons all off the bottom in 72 feet of water #emoticons13# . One of the hybrids we caught spit out a half a dozen threadfin at the surface. Yeah they were feeding LOL. After a few of the white fish we went back to spot fishing and caught another half dozen or so all keepers on the same pea gravel type baits.

All in all it was a good day with about a dozen spots and half dozen white fish especially with it being severe post frontal and blue bird skies. Oh and this is pic for all of you that had to text me and see if I caught anything besides pnemonia and frost bite (thats for you Jeff LOL). #emoticons1#

<img src=


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