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Lake Hudson Photo Gallery

Name:   BigFoot - Email Member
Date:   3/17/2009 8:53:04 PM

Just a reminder that the deadline for completing your brackets
at pooltracker is THURSDAY MORNING AT 8:00 AM. As you fill in
your teams, note the following:

**you must go through and select winners all the way through and
including the championship game....when you finish picking your
teams on the left side of page, look at bottom of page and slide
the bar to the right to see all of the right side....

**DON'T FORGET to fill in the TIEBREAKER POINTS in the block
at the top left of page.

SCORING METHOD: I have chosen the progressive scoring option i.e.,
you get 1 pt for each correct round 1 team, 2 pts. for each correct round 2 team, and so on to the championship which awards 6
points. GOOD LUCK!

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