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Name:   wulfenite - Email Member
Subject:   Lake Levels
Date:   6/8/2009 2:17:53 PM

It seems that Lanier is rising very slowly given the volumnes of inflow and discharge reported by the Army Corps. Does anyone know how much excess inflow is required to raise the level 1 foot? Thanks.

Name:   danno - Email Member
Subject:   Lake Levels
Date:   8/4/2009 11:17:16 PM

Well...there it dock peaked out with 2 1/2 feet under it. Pray for LOTS of tropical activity. Need to see the '04-'05 levels back before October.

Name:   close the dam - Email Member
Subject:   Lake Levels
Date:   9/8/2009 6:38:43 PM

The Core needs to take much better care of Lake Lanier. Don't forget that the start of the extreamly low levels we have seen the past several years was a "mis-calabrated" guage. I have to ask some questions: arn't there other guages that would show that something was wrong? Didn't anyone just look out the window and notice the lake droping like a stone? This says incompetence to me. I am tired of hearing "we're just following the rules" "we can't change the rules". This is all we have heard, untill the lake was about to dry up, then the Core changed the rules (which tells us that they CAN change ther rules). I can hire someone for minimun wage to repete a stupid phrase, for what I am paying the Core, I want people with their brains turned on (I say I am paying for them, because my taxes pay their salaries). I know that they don't have an easy job, but they must get better at it.

Name:   danno - Email Member
Subject:   Lake Levels
Date:   9/13/2009 8:15:57 PM

The "gauge" problem was a complete farce. Atlanta's dependency for water use has gotten out of control. Who is the moron that decided to allow people to water their lawns and wash cars? It's rained enough not to have to water anything and if you want a clean car, go to the car wash...they could use the revenue. I saw a sprinkler system running during a long rain storm in the middle of the day last week. Pathetic...

Name:   Meema - Email Member
Subject:   Lake Levels
Date:   9/21/2009 7:19:36 AM

Bad management. Vinings is under water this morning. Eufala is 2 ft above full pool. West Point is over a foot above full pool. Lanier is up but not even a foot. Perhaps they don't know how to close the gates? Is it possible they don't really want the lake back to full pool for some reason?

Name:   H2O - Email Member
Subject:   Lake Levels
Date:   9/26/2009 7:28:52 PM

I've watched the lake level nearly every day since I moved here 1 year ago. The core needs to be investigated. They don't appear to be concerned about water storage.
I heard the core spokesperson on the radio defending their position of releasing water this past week saying that they must continue to release water even when people are loosing their homes - because it generates electricity. Really? The inconvenience of no electricity doesn't compare to the inconvenience of no home to return to. Zero responsibility.
Lake's still 3 feet below full - we're still rationing water... Criminal.

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