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Name:   Webmaster - Email Member
Subject:   Tallapoosa River Forum
Date:   6/15/2009 11:09:24 AM

This forum is for topics related to the Tallapoosa River, when not specific to a particular lake. Good topics would be canoeing and kayak trips down the river, water quality and water wars between states.

Name:   muddauber - Email Member
Subject:   Tallapoosa River Forum
Date:   6/17/2009 8:22:19 AM

Good concept. Hope it takes off and raises awareness.

Name:   Seaswirl - Email Member
Subject:   Tallapoosa River Forum
Date:   8/15/2009 9:19:44 AM

Don't know if anyone else has ever tried but last week, the wife and I got in our little aluminum fishing boat at the 82 bridge and went up water. It took us almost 2 hours but we eventually made it all the way to the Hwy 431 bridge. I did have to pull the boat over the shoals a couple times but all in all it was fun. The water level was right at 792ft.

Name:   hibill - Email Member
Subject:   Tallapoosa River Forum
Date:   5/23/2013 7:28:31 AM

The battle of Horseshoe Bend was on the Tallapoosa River, right? My 5th and 4th great grandfather fought in that battle. One was with Major Ridge of the Cherokees the other with Sam Houston. Charles Reese and his son Charles.  Charles Reese latter was a hero in that battle and awarded a sliver engraved rifle from President Monroe for his bravery. He was one three Cherokees to swim the river and stole the Creek's canoes to bring their troop across the river. Someday I want to visit that park.  

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