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Name:   Mack - Email Member
Subject:   Smoked Brunswick Stew
Date:   6/17/2009 6:32:24 PM

In my family this was a tradition for July 4 every year, in addition to watermelon, hot dogs, etc. This recipe serves a lot of people, but it can be frozen in plastic containers to drag out next Winter and served with hot cornbread on a cold rainy night.

- 3lb.boneless chuck roast - 3 onions chopped
- 4lb Boston Butt - 3 17oz.wholekernelcorn
- 4lb. chicken thighs - 2 17oz. baby limas
- 2 28oz. whole tomatoes - 2 15oz. Rotel tomatoes
- 2 16oz. Manwich - 4 diced raw potatoes
- 7 cups beef broth - Tony Chachere Season
- La. Hot sauce - 1/2 cup Wooster
- 3 tablespoon vinegar - Salt/pepper etc.

SlowSmoke beef, pork and chicken, seasoned lightly with salt/pepper/rub. Remove bones/fat and shred to small strips of meat.
In a large covered pot(maybe 15 quart) add 5 cups beef broth. Begin to simmer. Add crushed tomatoes, and bring to slow boil.
Add remaining ingredients to broth including juice from cans (corn,limas,potatoes,rotel,onion,Manwich, vinegar, wooster, @2 T Tony's to start, dash of hot sauce).
Add shredded meat. Add more broth as needed. Bring to simmer (inside or on grill) covered for 1 hour. Taste and re-season. HotSauce and Tony's are a Hot combo. Don't ruin it!!
Simmer 1 to 2 more hours, tasting occasionally.

As I said, it is great served fresh, but, I think it is even better as a Winter Super Supper, with maybe smoked baby backs and Mexican cornbread.

Name:   lakngulf - Email Member
Subject:   Smoked Brunswick Stew
Date:   6/18/2009 10:40:38 PM

Let me know when its ready. I will take mine straight from the pot, or frozen, whichever works best for you...

Name:   muddauber - Email Member
Subject:   Smoked Brunswick Stew
Date:   6/20/2009 8:31:01 AM

Thanks. Snagged for future use.

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