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Name:   houseboat - Email Member
Subject:   Crusader V-Drive
Date:   6/30/2009 4:31:52 PM

I plan to restore a Gibson houseboat if I ever get caught up with my part time boat repair business. It has twin Crusader 305 V8's with Velvet Transmissions and V-Drives. They were in a wet enviroment for around 3 years due to a few inches of water left in the bottom of the boat by the previous owner. The V-Drives turn free, not sure about the transmissions. I have the reverse rotation engine ready to be assemblied, with new pistons, cam, etc.. I need to know who could go thru the transmissions and v-drives for me and about how much it would cost. I need to decide whether to use the v-drives or switch to used mercruisers. To use the v-drives I will have to put the props in a tunnel in order to run the places we go on the Alabama River, so I will have to modify the hull.
Any advise or help would be greatly appreciated.

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