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Name:   roswellric The author of this post is registered as a member - Email Member
Subject:   Bad Soil, Blight & Tomatoes
Date:   6/6/2010 10:49:41 PM

Most blight is soil bourne. The rest can be improved by good air circulation around the plants. Over fertilization can exacerbate the problem - especially with inorganic fertilizers.

If your soil is not structured well and devoid of balanced nutrients you will have disease & bug problems. Fungus and bugs will generally attack weak plants. Weak soil will produce weak plants.

The soil I have found here is generally poor. Cotton & pulp cropping strips the soil.

Add lime early. Low calcium will cause weak plants and blossom end rot.

One other important tip is DON'T use high magnesium lime. Get Hi-Cal (agricultural) lime from your feed & seed. Too much magnesium will stunt and weaken your tomatoes.

I recommend any publication by Robert Rhodale for organic gardening.

Maybe this link will help otherwise:

URL: Organics
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