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Name:   Ulysses E. McGill The author of this post is registered as a member - Email Member
Subject:   Hey Guys
Date:   10/28/2010 10:14:53 PM

I may be wrong, but I'd bet the forum has helped your business (or it could). I do most of my own mx, but every now and then I need help. I have gone to Cat for help because of his helpful hints and his sponsorship. I also recommend him to forum and non-forum participants on a regular basis. If I ever need PWC help, it's likely I'd give you a  call because I know about you from this forum. However, I would not recommend you on this forum unless you were a sponsor or provided a value so great that I couldn't resist the temptation to tell the world. I fully understand economics, but sometimes it takes a little money to make money.....also, outstanding service (and word of mouth of that outstanding service) are an excellent recipe for success.  Cat is a perfect example. He gives great service for a reasonable price, he is a forum and community supporter, and a lot of folks stand up for him (even us "do-it ourselves when we can" guys).
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