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Name:   John C The author of this post is registered as a member - Email Member
Subject:   @kizma
Date:   3/15/2011 1:16:18 PM

To address some concerns -

1. they will have their own docks.  Not boat lifts, sure.  But they will have docks.
2. old people / steps - the homes were built with an elevator shaft if that's what they want one can be installed for like $15k.  But there are a lot steeper lots on the lake with a lot more steps that sell for a lot more money - that don't have an elevator shaft built in.
3.  Yard - true the lots are small and have no yard.  That's the cards we were dealt.  But there is a good portion of people that come to the lake and don't want to hassle with yard work.  Trust me, I have had sales fall apart from people not wanting extra yard work.  Plus, these lots are comparable to many others on the lake with a lesser view.  To wit, The Village.

I am sure that you were just talking but to use an extreme generalization like "no one wants a...." - it's not a very fair nor accurate statement when you look at the market as a whole.  It just sort of ignores sales of different properties all over the lake - condos / deeded lot homes / leased lot homes / trailers on leased lots / big homes with small views / small homes with big views / north lake / Kowaliga.  People are different and want different things. 

But I can tell you one thing that I haven't found them to be different on - the view at Water's Edge is incredible.  Maybe your view is better, I don't know.  But you have to agree that Water's Edge is incredible.

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