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Name:   Ulysses E. McGill The author of this post is registered as a member - Email Member
Subject:   Pizza poll
Date:   3/29/2011 6:35:53 PM (updated 3/29/2011 6:39:17 PM)

I watched a show on Pizza recently (either travel or food network) and it got me thinking about how different people are in their likes and tastes for this common dish. Pizza is probably the most diverse dish in the world when one looks at the variations that are made under the same name. Some tout NY style, others Chicago, and there are hundreds of variations in between.  If one looks at reviews from local pizza parlors to national brands, there are always some folks that love and others that dislike the same product (if enough reviews are present). Even in my own house, we can't agree on the perfect pizza and often argue over brand when we want to order out.


Here's the poll

1. Favorite national or regional brand  pizza  and the way you order it

2. Your perfect pizza. Tell us what you like and don't like. Toppings or cheeses on top? Home made or bought? How you love it and why.

3. Worst national/regional brand pizza

My answers:
1. Papa Johns  (traditional crust, extra cheese, mushrooms, spicy sausage, ham, bacon, canadian bacon, pepperoni, onions,  banana peppers,  Italian salami, and Roma tomatoes.

2. My perfect pizza is home made. Cheese over sauce and then toppings. Crispy crust, light sauce (I use spaghetti sauce), provolone, mozzarella and Parmesan cheese, Jimmy Dean hot sausage, peperoni, vidialia onion, crispy bacon, thin sliced tomatoes, fresh portabella mushrooms, fresh hot banana peppers, black olives and fresh basil leafs......then baked in the green egg for a slightly smoked taste.

For me, toppings rule. The typical NY pizza is edible, but it doesn't ring my bell ( I'm in downtown NY on a regular basis, so yes I'm dissin' the real thing).
Chicago style is thick and plentiful (the way I like a pizza) but the deep dish crust is wrong for me. The closest I've
had to my perfect bought pizza is at a friends place
(called TJ's) in Lima Ohio.....but then TJ let's me build the pizza
myself on his special cracker crust.

3. CiCi's
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