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Name:   mangotel The author of this post is registered as a member - Email Member
Subject:   Lake Levels Continue to drop
Date:   11/24/2011 6:00:27 PM

Someone with technical web page know-how, needs to start an online petition demanding the Army Corp and the Governors Office provide some sort useful information as to how much water is actually being released. After searching around for about an hour, all I could find was this (  ).
The print is too small and intervals are too short for this to be of much help. They don't want us to really know how much and when they let out huge amounts water.

Remember their last "excuse" for huge amounts of water being released for an extended length of time? A supposedly "stuck valve" that we (or at least I) never heard anything else about?  BS.

There is stuff going on they don't want us know about.  I wonder what it is.
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