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Name:   John C The author of this post is registered as a member - Email Member
Subject:   attempts to answer re Eagle's Point / Water's Edge
Date:   1/30/2012 12:54:43 PM

Thanks for the questions. Please note, all readers, that my below answers reflect older plans for the area.  For all I know they may have changed plans, covenants, etc.  The best source of info that I know of right now is the auction company.  I am not a listing agent on any of this and have no inside knowledge of any terms of the sale. I have phoned and emailed the auction company repeatedly and they still do not have a bid package and covenants that would apply. They seem like nice folks, but just don't have much info (right now) on what they will be selling in about 6 weeks.  They say as soon as they have it they will let me know. I will answer the below considering the OLD PLANS.  I am advising all of my buyers to confirm all of this through the bid package and through contingencies.

<<my Answers like this>>

1.  The bald island lots seem much larger than those where the two/three
houses have already been built. It appears there will be lots facing
both ways off the island <<on the old plans, yes this is correct>>
2.  But where will they park <<on the old plans they parked in driveway at each house>>
3.  The two cabins at the end have been remodeled very nicely, but wow the construction they will have to tend with.
4.  What about septic tanks for these properties? <<in the old plans, all Water's Edge homes tied into the community sewer system that has already been built.  The system is at the top of the hill before you get to the lake, it's that fenced in area.>>
5.  Will each property have its own pier? <<in the old plans, yes.>>
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