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Name:   Old Diver The author of this post is registered as a member - Email Member
Subject:   The Science is Clear, So What!
Date:   9/20/2013 11:56:16 PM

   Global Warming/Cooling/Change is a business. As I have said before, they get their grants, their speaking remuneration, and write their books and evidence to the contrary be damned. Several of the "experts" have been caught cooking the books. As long as it is profitable they will beat the drum of calamity! I have long followed the enviros and not one of their dire impending cataclysms has even nearly come true. But there is no profit in denying climate change.
   Al Gore warned some 25 years ago that if we did not find a substitute for the internal combustion engine within 10 years civilization will end....He said that the Greenland ice caps are melting yet they had to dig down 280 feet to find that P-38 fighter, Glacier Girl, that sat down in 1944. Why wasn't it sitting out on the lawn?
    And now I hear he is out to fix the sound barrier where it has been broken. Shame on those fighter pilots. I would like to watch him put on the band aid. I'll bet they get grants to study it though.
   Let's all go out and sit in a field and wait for the end of the world.
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