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Name:   John C The author of this post is registered as a member - Email Member
Subject:   For Sale: Parker Creek
Date:   7/22/2014 11:27:48 AM

In short, in my opinion there is nothing up with listings in Parker Creek. I know and have talked to many of the sellers, and most are selling because they may have gotten older or are not using them for some typical reason.

A word or two on buyer motivation and restaurants - there is absolutely a healthy section of buyers that want to be close to restaurants and / or shopping. No doubt about it. My dad told me when I started this, and he's right, one of the hardest things to do on a daily basis is separate your personal opinions from that of the buyer. A good agent listens to the buyer and focues on their wants and needs and helps them achieve their goals.

Of the "buyer leads"  I have talked to every day, day in, day out since 2005, I would estimate that 50% are what I call "geographically focused," that is, want to be in one particular area. Of those 50%, half are focused on the east side, half are focused on Elmore and Coosa Counties. Of the Elmore / Coosa Crowd, maybe 20% are really tightly focused and only consider Parker Creek and would not consider Little Kowaliga / Kowaliga Bay, and vice versa.

Of the east siders, they prefer it because it's close to 280, Auburn, Georgia, and make no mistake - restaurants.

Of the 50% that are not geographically focused, well, they don't care where they are. It might be because they don't know much about the lake, or they know it so well they realize, as I have, that you can have a great place on any spot in the LM area.

Back to Parker Creek, it's actually one of the most fiercely competitive areas, in my opinion. Last month a cute 3 bedroom came on the market for $399k, on a great lot. It was not my listing, but I sold it in a week because I had a buyer that was primed for that area and that type of house, I knew I had to act fast. Similarly, last week another one came up like it for $425k, again.. nice house, awesome lot. I was interviewed but missed out on getting the listing and knew it too would go fast, so I tried to get a buyer quickly on it to no avail. It sold in like 3 days.

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