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Name:   MovinFr8 The author of this post is registered as a member - Email Member
Subject:   Southern Co Making an Effort
Date:   1/13/2015 2:51:38 PM

Alabama Power partnering with residents to address dilapidated structures on lakes

Jan 13, 2015

During 2015, Alabama Power is reaching out to lake residents who own deteriorating piers, boathouses and other structures. The intent is to preserve Alabama Power lake shorelines by encouraging residents to repair or remove dilapidated structures.

To help property owners, the company will:

? Waive permit fees to repair or replace decayed, neglected or dysfunctional structures with new structures.

? Provide trash removal sites to discard disassembled structures during the annual Renew Our Rivers cleanups. More information can be found at http://renewourrivers.com

"We know lake residents take pride in their homes and weekend retreats, and hope these incentives will help make decisions about upgrades or repairs that much easier," said Billy Edge, shoreline supervisor for Alabama Power. "As we increase our focus on aging shoreline structures and those in disrepair, Alabama Power will continue to reach out to lake residents to help them find ways to voluntarily repair or remove structures during 2015."

For more information, contact:

Smith Lake:

Steve Fletcher


Lakes Martin, Yates and Thurlow:

Rhett Hanks


Weiss Lake:

Dennis Trammell


Lake Logan Martin and Neely Henry Lake:

Rob Coyne


Lake Harris:

Sheila Smith


Lay Lake, Lakes Mitchell, Jordan and Bouldin:

Candy Hayes


To learn more about Alabama Power’s Shoreline Management program, please visit https://www.apcshorelines.com.

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