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Name:   PastSailor The author of this post is registered as a member - Email Member
Subject:   Flood Pool
Date:   5/27/2015 5:42:19 PM

As of 13:00 today (5/27/2015) the lake was an inch shy of "Flood Pool".  The Lavon watershed is still draining into the lake and we have more rain expected tonight.  Anybody on this forum know what happens when the water exceeds Full Pool?  For instance, does the water then flow over the road over the Lavon Lake Dam into the flood plane at the foot of the dam?  Or is there some more reserve dam height before that happens?  The flood plane looks big driving by, but a view from above on Google Earth shows it is small in comparison to the lake itself and exspecially in comparison to the huge watershed area Nort of the two branches of the lake.  The Ray Hubbard spillway has been able to keep the water released from Lavon from raising RH more than half a foot from Full Pool.  But if water starts pouring over the top of Lavon Dam, I am guessing RH will have trouble avoiding flooding too.  I wonder how bad it has to get before the city of Lavon needs evacuation.

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Flood Pool - PastSailor - 5/27/2015 5:42:19 PM

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