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Name:   Mack The author of this post is registered as a member - Email Member
Subject:   Tall Cotton??
Date:   4/19/2016 7:25:12 PM

Just wondering. Someone told me recently that you cannot inject a pork loin roast. It just runs right back out..

Nope. I just did a half pork loin, but it was on a Weber Rotisserie setup. Injected with about a half bottle of Cajun Butter Garlic Marinade (and it stayed injected except for maybe 1 tablespoon). Soaked overnight in fridge. Rubbed with olive oil, brown sugar and a seasoning mix similar to "Memphis Dust" as discussed at Rotated beside an indirect charcoal fire for about 2 hours. Took it off at 145* and rested it. Climbed to 150. It was completely cooked at 150 but not overcooked as is normal for this cut. Smoke ring and juices galore.

Delightful. Especially when WD runs them on special at $2.00 a pound.....

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