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Name:   phil The author of this post is registered as a member - Email Member
Subject:   My view
Date:   10/10/2016 11:52:36 AM

if you liked Trumps comments maybe obama's Ribs and Puzzy as you like to call it will cause you throw him under the bus.

but let me guess - he is not on the ballot so blah blah blah we dont care about him no more, just as allowing a serial rapest back into the white house as first lady so he can go have his little intern parties catered with ice bags.


how about some of hillarys own words from that viscious pie hole - but oh let me guess - that just a right wing hit piece by us Alt right.

You can overlook anything and everything when it comes to the Clintons, yet you can throw up the most trival of information about the people you do not agree from countless years ago with as to their fitness when it comes to the office.  

My decision is not so much based on who Trump is, but who he is not.  You have asked others on this site if they would vote for the devil vs Hillary - yes i would,  because there is evil and then there is the Clintons.

Love to hear the old line well there is no proof that the Clintons did this or that - it is hard to find proof when the Clintons are busy bleaching everything.

Personally I do hope Donald wins just so someone on here will tell you as you did when Obama won - sit down, shut up and deal with it - he won, your person didnt close your pie hole and enjoy 4+ years.


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