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Name:   phil The author of this post is registered as a member - Email Member
Subject:   Jeff Sessions...''bless him''
Date:   10/12/2016 4:18:34 PM

Ahh you must be one of those special liberals - as I posted definitions for you.  If he grabbed a womans crotch then wow that would be assault.  If as he did say a few crass words wow not assualt.  Bragging about doing something and doing something - again i know people who claim they can do a lot of things but yeah probably not.

Now your Obama wagging his junk around we can probably put that into at least harrassment but probably assualt as i had to go bleach bit my eyes after that one.  Oh wow someone saw I have an erection here lets toss that leg up on a seat back and all but put on a striptease.  Oh goodness gracious me and did you know he had two daughters, heaven forbid they ever have to see that.  What married you say, how can such horrific things be done by Saint Obama.  Well he was just a wee little thing in his mid to late 30s so we can just excuse that one on youthful offender status.

Please feel free to defend the outgoing president for what he did prior to running for President and explain why he is unfit for his actual actions and not just words.  Probably something along the lines of well he was not prosecuted and convicted of wagging that thing to a plane load of ladies or Golly gee wiz he is not running this time so lets not talk about anything but that mean ol man Trump who looks like a oompa loompa with that spray tan.  He is just so mean, he is just a fillintheblankaphobe and took a legal tax deduction instead of just dumping extra money into the government.

but wait we moved beyone those just mean ol words and moved on to all those pesky republicans who just can not admit that Trump has a fault?  If that is the best you can come up with can we see a list of Democrats who have jumped off the Hillary mystery machine tour due to well you can probably just scroll down a few pages and find many of her own personal indescretions and items of questionable legality.

did find this about voters going green and leaving due to the Clintons

or this one  with just a few excerps from a voter who appears to be someone who finally figured out that Clintons are not good people.

I know about Hillary Clinton.

I know what she did and I know what she stands for.
I already said no to her in 2008 and what I have learned about her since, means that I could never, in good conscience, vote for her.

Sorry, I already bailed out the big banks.
I certainly won’t be supporting their candidate.

My fear and loathing for Hillary Clinton is based on her past transgressions and the absolute danger that I know she will be to world peace should she be allowed to steal this “election”.

Trump is not the answer, but four years of his buffoonery is infinitely better than losing two elections to Clinton and her war machine.

Trump only talks about doing awful things.

Clinton has a proven track record of actually doing them.


Please list out the democrats who have vowed that Hillary is unfit for office due to her actions?  That lovely list of reprobate republicans was just a quick copy paste over to show where a few republicans were just outraged over Trump.  Other then a few voters and we know how little they count, Google I think died on my searching for state and federal politicans who were going to vote for Trump because of the things that Hillary has proven with her track record is willing to do.  yeah its a hit piece on Trump but considering the crotch wagging Potus I would say that is just a little hypocritical.

“You don’t have to be a husband or a father to hear what we heard just a few days ago and say, ‘That’s not right,’” Obama said. “You just have to be a decent human being to say that’s not right.”

I got to read a lot that you thought about Obama over the last few years and that he was the best thing ever and you feel that Hillary is even more qualifed the Capt Potus Pelvis.

My looking for Obama's apology tour for his thrusting pelvis, well it degraded into some Ellen Degeneres links about the first lady possbly being a pre-op transgender so dont think Google was helpful here.


Trump is crass and probably something that ryhmes with it - can we take our chances with I cant remember Clinton?  The best we can hope for is that Trump wins and the democrats and the republicans gang up on him to provide us with 4 years of ineffective government.  Then maybe both sides can hopefully come up with someone who can qualify as a human being vs a politican.






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