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Name:   phil The author of this post is registered as a member - Email Member
Subject:   Lets not forget Travelgate and Filegate
Date:   10/31/2016 11:11:11 AM

For those too young to remember


Mr. Fitton says the FBI bowed to the Clintons back then just as they did in the investigation of Mrs. Clinton’s private email server and mishandling of the nation’s secrets. FBI Director James B. Comey said she was “extremely careless” in using a nonsecure private email server for official business, but would not be charged.

His statement sounded the same tone as an independent counsel who concluded in 2000 that Mrs. Clinton made “factually false” statements to investigators but there was not enough evidence to charge her with perjury.

“When I heard Comey, I thought of [then-FBI Director] Louis Freeh and how they caved into HRC defense of her political career at the expense of the FBI’s reputation,” said Mr. Sculimbrene, the top agent at the White House when the Clintons arrived in January 1993.

By 1996, the Vietnam War veteran and former Air Force pilot became a retired FBI agent. He was shown the door at age 54. He said a supervisor told him that Mrs. Clinton “wants you out. You make her uncomfortable.”



One of the first bold moves by the Clinton White House was to wipe clean the travel office, firing all seven employees including its founder, Billy Dale. The office arranged presidential travel and chartered aircraft when needed.

A House committee report told of memos known to exist that were suddenly missing.

Seven years after Travelgate erupted, independent counsel Robert W. Ray issued a final report saying there was “substantial evidence” that Mrs. Clinton played a role in the firings, despite her denials, and that she provided “factually false” sworn statements.

But he concluded that there was “insufficient” evidence to prove Mrs. Clinton “made any knowingly false statements, committed perjury or obstructed justice.”



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