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Name:   phil The author of this post is registered as a member - Email Member
Subject:   Some Real Issues With Trump Solutions
Date:   11/1/2016 6:21:43 PM

From your link

"You don't need Econ 101 to know Hillary Clinton's plan to raise taxes, increase regulation, raise energy and electricity prices by shutting down our fossil fuel industries, and continue to ship our jobs and factories overseas through bad trade deals will reduce growth, continue stagnant wages, and leave our government without the economic growth it needs to pay for everything from new infrastructure to national defense.

"You don't need a Ph.D. in economics to know Trump's plan to cut taxes, reduce regulation, increase oil, gas, and clean coal production, and eliminate our trade deficit by increasing exports and reducing imports will significantly increase growth, boost wages, and generate trillions in new tax revenues."

Navarro also noted that a separate letter signed by 300 economists was released in September warning that Clinton's economic policies were wrong for the country.


Now just as with that 100% climate science being settled - there is a difference of opinion.


now lets look at NPR

National Public Radio is properly understood, even by the media, as radio by and for liberals, not the general public. As Washington Post media reporter Howard Kurtz puts it, the media landscape stretches "from those who cheer Fox to those who swear by NPR."

Last week, NPR's own official ombudsman, Jeffrey Dvorkin, admitted a liberal bias in NPR's talk programming.

The news reports on NPR should be cause for greater public concern. Under the guise of "objective news," reporting, the left is actively advancing its political agenda. 

So you bring out a liberal left wing radio hit piece?   - I do not quote Rush Limbaugh to you.  Please feel free to drink that kook-aid that is being passed around by your liberal masters.






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