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Name:   Tall Cotton The author of this post is registered as a member - Email Member
Subject:   Gee,,, Who Pulls Your Pork??
Date:   1/19/2017 8:53:51 AM

Mack, I try to never let politics ruin any part of my life. It's just not worth the trouble to worry over something that will change in a couple of years anyway. 2016 was slow for this forum. Since I joined this section, Jokes, and the Boat Maintenance sections are all I ever read. Those guys in Off-Topic get a little intense for me.

2016 was a little better year for me as far as volume smoked. If I counted correctly I burned 876 pounds of meat, and 10-12 pounds of cheese. I didn't smoke any fish, or sides. Those were cooked conventionally. Based on normal yeild for the mix, there were over 1500 servings. Hopefully it made most of those folks happy.

This year I would like to perfect more Cajun or low country type meals, jambalya, etoufee, anything with shrimp, fish and other seafood. If anyone has good recipes for those I would appreciate seeing them.

May 2017 see the renewal of the Grilling & Recipes Forum!



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