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Name:   phil The author of this post is registered as a member - Email Member
Subject:   To GFY from well the rest of the planet
Date:   1/24/2017 4:44:40 PM

well excluding brain dead liberals - you are not funny, you are more one sided then MSNBC, and what little honest discussion you bring to the table is probably accidental.

For those who agree with this leftest loon ( other then Archie in hiding ) and that other drive by leftist please feel accept my apology for overstating.

Elections have consequences

Trump won this one

Get over it 

Get over yourself

I hope that republicans grow a spine and do not for a change compromise with liberals whos idea of what is best for this country is open borders and millions of refugees that are not wanted in their own country.

you always hear about Democrats screaching about Republicans having to cross the isle - but the only time it goes the other way is when they realise they are not going to get re-elected.  

Trump may not have been my first choice, I did vote for him because the other option I would have had myself committed to a mental institution.  The fact that you and your ilk are so against him makes me have hope for a future of this country and more then willing to vote for him again.

The liberal left is screaming for impeachments, bombing of the Whitehouse and assassinations - puff out your chest, you have much to be proud of those just like yourself.  I guess I will just have to be proud of telling you to GFY!


When the next Democrat wins the White House - I hope the Republicans remember the extra vetting, unlike when Obama was "coronated".  Hopefully once Trump is through there will not be a elected democrat politican left other then in California and New York and hopefully we can fix stupid in those places as well.


You remember our little discussion recently about reform in the ethics office and why it needed to be "gutted"

Even Maryland Democrat Representative Elijah Cummings said he was troubled by Shaub’s misuse of his office.


I hope your hairdresser, and yes I used hairdresser not barber, gives you a blond trump combover so you can look at yourself in the mirror in horror.












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