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Name:   phil The author of this post is registered as a member - Email Member
Subject:   GFY is a joke
Date:   3/3/2017 2:54:53 PM (updated 3/3/2017 2:57:11 PM)

Hey there dude....You conveniently left out the Rest of The Story which is the normal way you like to post. He was hacked and just changed to another AOL account. How stupid can one be? You should be able to answer that one......Now get busy....




Ok now lets look at this statement from the loony bin - I left out the rest of the story - in regards to "criminal" alligations by the left in regards to  Pence in utilizing an email service that is permissible under state law and requesting it to be archived for FOIA in his state. 


But where that evil republican really broke the law is by allowing his stuff to be broken into?

So when some drug dealer smashes the window of your house, as the homeowner you should be charged with breaking and entering?

Please let your wife and all offspring know that they could be charged with rape when someone forces themselves on them.  

You are a sad sick little man and you have my pity.

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