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Name:   phil The author of this post is registered as a member - Email Member
Subject:   100 Anniversary
Date:   3/9/2017 1:55:18 PM (updated 3/9/2017 2:05:18 PM)

If you are taking a public speaking  class in college does it matter to you if your professor is a homosexual? At what point in the teaching does it matter what someone does on their own time?  If on the 1st day of class your instructor announces that he is gay, and that cheerleaders or cute girls are going to have a harder time because he dont like them - does this not cross a line and descriminate against someone because of looks or gender?  At what point does his right to be gay and use his personal bias against someone become an acceptable course topic?

Growing up I did not know what my teachers did on their own time in their bedrooms or elsewhere.  We did lessons in reading, math, science, music etc.  Why would a elementary student need to know if a teacher was gay, bi, questioning?  

When does it become appropriate for a HS teacher to take a water pistol and shoot our current presidents image while screaming "die die die"?  At what point does a HS teachers political thoughts matter in a class?  Maybe a civics class -  math, science, history probably not so much.


If you are in a class about history or religion - then you would expect to be exposed to differing cultures and theological points of view.

if you are in a class about human sexuality - then you would expect to be exposed to hetro/homo/LGBTQRSTUVZ

When you are in a math class 2+2 does not equal Trump sux and my sexual preference is Y and you will get a lower grade because your a girl, boy, streight, gay, cute.

That is the problem with "indoctrination", I am not worried about anyone getting a conservative perspective in elementary, HS or the majority of college campuses.  God has been removed, in some schools you can not wear Christian symbols such as a cross because that might offend someone or cause a disruption and leads to suspension.

Having a discussion in a class about the instructors sexuality is not disruptive?

Today I saw an article about Pitzer College where white girls need to quit wearing hoop earrings because that is an appropriation of the "black and brown folks" culture.


I take you as someone who is reasonable and intelligent, have worked for what you have.  Did at any point in your life and more importantly your professional life you just announce to the world your sexuality or decide that since you are one way that you have a right to treat others differently?  From what I have read I kind of doubt it, and you would have probably been fired if you had.  

Why is it acceptable for others to do the same because they are LGBTQRSTUV?

Why is it acceptable that due to someones "white privilage" someone can tell you what to wear do or say?

When is it acceptable to tell kids that Trump / Obama is the devil, evil and scream die die die?

Why can they not teach the subject that they are supposed to teach?  If they are questioning, hate Trump, different religious faiths and practices ( student or teacher ) there are appropriate places with counslors, advisors, student health etc. that can assist - Why does it matter in an algebra class?  Does religious beliefs or sexual preference change what 2+2 equals, or how the country was formed/ founded?

 Most kids in k-12 will not learn about God in school which is appropriate, but can learn about Mohammad and the Muslim religion/thoeology/political party. In K-12 and college you are going to have to work hard to find a conservative - because he/she is probably the one teaching math/science/history and not shooting a president screaming or talking about what he does or does not do in a bedroom.



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