Off-Topic: Liberal Idiots on CNN.......GEEZ!!!
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Name:   Lifer The author of this post is registered as a member - Email Member
Subject:   Liberal Idiots on CNN.......GEEZ!!!
Date:   10/4/2017 7:30:18 AM

I doubt copper will be back. I'm pretty sure he knows that I know who he is now. I came to find out that I actually grew up with him although he is a few years older than me. We know the same people, went to the same school even. But the real coincidence I will save for a later date. He is known as a liberal and a weirdo going back to high school. I let him know ow I was on to him when I called him a libtartt. I would bet he is still lurking though. It feeds his ego to come here so he can feel so superior to us deplorables. Isn't it strange that our three sanctimonious liberals love to preach at us about what awful people conservative/Republicans are, yet protect and hide their identity while most of the regulars here are well known to each other. If one truly believes his ideas are superior one would think they would be proud to stand up and be identified.

So how about it copper, you gonna come back and play?

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