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Name:   Talullahhound The author of this post is registered as a member - Email Member
Subject:   Tragedy in Texas
Date:   11/9/2017 1:26:12 PM

Yes, this guy is an epic failure in terms of the processes and what is supposed to be a safety net.  

I compare him to the Muslim Army Major that shot a bunch of soldiers at Ft. Hood years ago.  Everyone in the system knew this guy was getting radicalized, yet no one took any action, becasue they were afraid lawsuits, and having to fight for something they believed was true.  

Sunday's shooter was even on FB talking about needing psychiatric help.  He was supposed to be on an anti-psychotic medicine.  

I have no problem if they close the private sale loophole, get rid of extended magazine and bump stocks.  But the NRA isn't going to agree with any of it, because they know the anti-gun people's final goal is no guns.  

As awful as these mass shootings are, they are really few and far between, considering the overall population of the U.S. or even looking at the subgroup of gun owners.  What if the MIL had reported the threatening texts to the sheriff?  As far as I know, it is still illegal to threaten people's lives.  An article I read today, said right after the shootings, she told everyone that she knew who the shooter was.  I think she is complicent in the shootings - and she lost her mother as a result.  

People need to stop standing back when they see a problem in the making.

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