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Name:   phil The author of this post is registered as a member - Email Member
Subject:   This Reminds Me....
Date:   11/10/2017 8:51:03 AM

If true he needs to go and drown himself.


Now with that said - Lets look at the "facts"  the year is 1979, mother is going through a divorce and has a 14 year old daughter.  Chances are high from that time period that the father was looking at a newer model with less milage, or based on the story the mother made lots of really poor life choices and was insane.

1979, mother of at least 1 14 year old daughter, multiple phone lines in home with at least an extension in daughters bedroom in 1979?  Private line in 1979 (unsure if just extension so lets put that down as a maybe).  how many people here that was living on their own in 1979 had more then one phone in their house or with parents had more then one phone prior to the 80s?  had children and had an extension in their bedrooms?  While at a divorce hearing again because of husband leaving for younger wife or because she makes poor life choices she leaves their kids with a stranger and thinks how nice and wonderful he will take care of my teen daugher - how nice, he has a nice face so he must be trustworty.

Kid supposedly sneaks out of the house on multiple occasions with parents unaware - again remember this is 1979, this is not the 1950's Mayberry down at the watering hole.  Kid was so freaked out and scared after the first "date" that when he calls her again she just scoots her butt back out the door wihle mama ain't looking on another couple of occasions.  Was alone in the house with him, had alcohol, he comes in wearing tighty whities for some touching and when she freaks out from touching a hard penis asks to be taken home and he does.

Also heard on trip to work today that the 4 women do know each other and one of them did not wipe her social media, anti-trump Doug Jones supporter.


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