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Name:   phil The author of this post is registered as a member - Email Member
Subject:   OK one more question and a comment
Date:   11/14/2017 8:48:41 AM

But we do know that they received millions of dollars into their foundation from the same people who purchased the uranium or had interests in the purchase.  I find it courious that the foundation is not receiving the money it once did now that she is out of office.  Can she still not do good in the world, can she still not help out earthquake ravaged Haiti? I guess that since she is out of office her abililty to help the world is not as good as it once was.....  Its called pay for play. 

Coomey was writing her email exoneration before anyone hardly testified.  nothing to see move along, it was all wedding plans and yoga lessons well and those pesky classified emails.  And she deleted evidence, bleach bitted it - but thats all not obstuction of justice and destuction of subpoenaed evidence - which she did because they found emails later on Weiner's laptop that she did not produce.

but then again you live life with blinders on.

You voted for Hillary with baggage so countless, would allow a serial rapist back in the White House, but oh thats been "debunked." Oh wise and glorious dumba$$ from GA.




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