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Name:   Buteye The author of this post is registered as a member - Email Member
Subject:   Hey GoneFishin/ Embarrassing,
Date:   2/25/2018 9:49:54 PM

I read where you didn't respond to my post because you didn't want to embarrass me. Thanks! However, it appears you still wanted to embarrass me by the explanation you provided about "irregardless" and negatives and double negatives and nerds. Why didn't you go ahead and point out all the other misspellings? It appears that my post today(2/25/2018 12:23:59 AM) may have embarrassed you since you have not responded. I just thought you may be an English professor since you were so knowledgeable about negatives, double negatives, word spellings, and the like.


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Hey GoneFishin/ Embarrassing, - Buteye - 2/25/2018 9:49:54 PM

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