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Name:   lakngulf The author of this post is registered as a member - Email Member
Subject:   And your point is?
Date:   2/28/2018 4:58:04 PM

We have entered a new phase in our existence.  Glorification of killers, Revenge, Instantaneous reports of violence, Shoot 'em up video games, and movies, and songs, "Hey I can be famous", "Watch This", Justification of Bullying, perhaps some mental illness but more just BY GOD I WILL-----this is where we are.  Will everyone flip and take action?  Not in the least.  Will a few here and there decide that is what they will do?  Absolutely.

So let's try some new methods and see if we can spot those who would do us harm (that will be hard), and, missing on that, keep them from entering our schools, and missing on that, have someone to meet them with fire power.  SAFE ZONES have only worked to help the shooter know the easy targets.  Do away with safe zones.  Let those reasonable folks who want to be armed, do so.

Will there be a mishap? Absolutely

Sadly it becomes a numbers game and if one teacher, or lunch lady, with a gun can keep the toll at 11 instead of 17, then I am for it.  Has anyone new to a gun misfired before?  Has anyone with much gun experience misfired? 

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