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Name:   Old Diver The author of this post is registered as a member - Email Member
Subject:   Armed Resistance
Date:   2/28/2018 8:20:49 PM

   If the media would stop endlessly  blowing these stories up 24-7  I believe it would cut down on the motovation to get a gun and become famous! Report the incident but don't give the perp's name. Don't interview everyone who knew him.  That is why when ever a    T V, newspaper or radio recieves a threat they never, never report it. They know that publicity encourages it.

   Passing laws are nice and they make the left thimk they have done to make the world safe. They seem to forget that criminals are in the business of violating laws! Why don't we just pass a law against muder? There! That should do it!

   In every case where there was armed resistance the shooting stopped as soon as the perp started receiving return fire! Other than that you just have to wait until he runs out of ammo. 


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