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Name:   Talullahhound The author of this post is registered as a member - Email Member
Subject:   So Mr H and Hound
Date:   3/4/2018 4:04:10 PM

Really, I think you are worrying needlessly.  I wonder what fear you would have been expressing when FDR was around - he served more than 2 terms as President, with the approval of the American people.  Oh, that's right, it woujd have been okay with you because he was a democrat.  You know what scares me?  The prosepect of a series of Democartic presidents that would tax the heck out of those with anything, to give to those who don't and make our country into socialism, because that's what Democrats now want and most of the millenniels, who have never had to work for anything, and grew up in a world where everyone gets a trophy for just showing up, want that too.  It used to be that countries moved from socialism to democracy, but now they want it to go the other way.  And most Americans are too self absorbed and involved with the cell phones to see it.  

Now if you really want to worry, worry about these new ICBMs that Russia claims they have.  Sounds like they have figured out stealth technology.  That is worth worrying about.  Worry about Putin becoming President for Life in Russia - he has publicly stated that he wants to rebuild the old USSR.  

Worry about us becoming as has been leader, like the UK.  Trump was joking but of course, the left no longer has a sense of humor.Oh, and did you see that in Florida, they soundly rejected gun control?  Fancy that.

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