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Name:   phil The author of this post is registered as a member - Email Member
Subject:   For GFY to Ponder
Date:   5/18/2018 3:48:17 PM (updated 5/18/2018 4:01:49 PM)



"Personal Responsibility also includes abortion. If you don't want abortion, and many on the right don't want birth control...then you  have a moral obliigation to provide the basics if the parents are deadbeats. Or, do you believe that life can end after birth with no moral issue?"


My question to you based on your post I have quoted above. 


A. Someone does something that has a consequence

B. I do not agree with what they did.

C. I now have a moral obligation to provide the "basics" whatever that means because I disagree with the actions ?  So I as someone who does not know this person through the act of disagreeing with their actions am now morally and financially obligated to provide for that person or the results of their action or inaction?


I can not follow through your logic and would like to have this adult conversation with you without name calling and puppets.

So by your logic,

The person sitting in mama's basement playing X-Box and not being a productive member of society should get the basics because of his choices.

Someone who does drugs or drives drunk should get the basics. or do we need to provide the person he/she hits the "basics" since that is the result of his or her actions? 

Someone who has unprotected sex often and has multple children from multiple dead beat dads deserves the basics as well as their offspring and the deadbeat dads need that "basics" as well because I do not like the fact that they are not helping to raise their kids financially or otherwise.

At what point does personal responsibility kick in for you?  You indicated you were refering to born children, as you apparently removed the unborn from your concepts of the basics.  You also stated that Bubba Joe in the basement with the X-Box was also not part of your theory on "basics".  so are we talking birth to 18?  At what point do you no longer care about the basics? Do you hate the elderly so much that you would not offer them the basics? Or is it just the unborn?

If a 25 year old loses her job with two kids because the plant got shut down, is that too old for your basics?  Sam 25 year old lost her job with two kids because she slapped her boss - does she deserve the basics? 

Someone lost their house to fire, they can move in with you to provide the basics? or just their kids can move in with you?

Someone lost the house due to financial fraud, poor financial decisions etc - can they move in with you as well so you can provide their kids with the basics?

I can care and offer assistance to lots more people when down on their luck when personal decisions did not put them in their situtation vs someome whos actions pretty much predicted where they are now.


I go back to a guy begging for food at a McDonalds downtown Birmingham.  Man I have not had anything to eat in days, I offered him a sandwith w fries still in the bag that I purchase for someone else - his comment was "F U"  Told him well I guess your not that hungry and I damn sure wont be giving you cash.


So what you are saying is that you disagree with me often - I am waiting on my "basics" from you.  Please make the check out to  Please - you have a moral obligation since you disagree with my opinions and choices - or do you need to make the check out to my children?






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