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Name:   phil The author of this post is registered as a member - Email Member
Subject:   Nothing debunked whatever
Date:   2/18/2019 6:14:12 PM (updated 2/18/2019 6:16:22 PM)

And when someone commits a crime they should be locked up - regardless on race/politics/gender/nationality - I do not see a problem?

I am not really concerned about if someone belongs to this group/that group/color/race - I am concerned if they are a nutter/criminal.

In terms of undocumented we have enough people in this country and our own problems as you point out nicely with the right wing nutter list - so I am glad that you do not have a problem with adding more unknown nutters(and no I am not saying all the undocumented are nutters - but some are) to the list of known nutters so that we can have even more nuts in this country.  I have concerns, because while you want to say that the unknown nutters murdered less people then white male alt-right nutters then we should worry about one group over the other group - but sorry in the end the nutter is a nutter - and if that undocumented nutter could have been stopped from being where he was to commit some rape/murder/DUI/other violent crime - well it would be nice if that nutter was stopped before he could have committed those crimes.

Sort of like the balls dropped in the Parkland shooting(which was a nutter on your list of pictures) - regardless of the motivation / politics of the shooter - the FBI/Local PD/School had many red flags that the shooter was a nutter - but hey lets look the other way, lets give him a break because statistically speaking under 20 year old white male students from florida did not have a high percentage of murders in a specific year - but that was before he decided to do what he did.

How about we just lock up "criminals" and not excuse behavior or look the other way because of some statistic/gender/race/politics/nationality - if they do the crime, they can do the time.

Unfortuantly 3 meals a day, playstation, basketball etc is not much of a punishment and not much of a deterrent.

I undestand these concepts are hard for you when you want to attempt to claim that white males republicans are the most dangerous things on Earth.




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