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Name:   Talullahhound The author of this post is registered as a member - Email Member
Subject:   CRC, wonder if you will feel the same way
Date:   7/13/2019 4:12:45 PM

If Trump really sexually assaulted and raped as many women as have claimed he did, I can't imagine how he had the time to become the kind and successful a real estate investor and developer as he became.  Do you know that Maples divorced him because she said all he wanted to do was work?  He's always had a big personality, and unfortunately, those kind of personalities attract gold diggers looking to make a fast buck.

I don't even think that Bill Clinton, who does have a colorful sexual history, was into Epsteins world of procuring underage women.  

FYI, it is my understanding that lawyers often meet outside of their offices to discuss cases.  Adcock realized that he didn't have enough to win the case at trial, so they cut a deal.  But that is ancient history, and I am sure that they have enough on Epstein to prosecute him this time.  In case you don't know, there are a lot of cases that just aren't procecutable or so I am told by someone that worked in a prosecuter's office - it makes them sick, but the law is the law.  

If Epstein was doing what he is alleged to have done, he is slime, but it doesn't mean that everyone that has ever known him or talked to him is slime.  Some slime cleans up nicely, without leaving that shiny trail for the world to see.

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